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Hot Flash Heat Wave: “Trippy Luv”

Seasons are quickly shifting, and not just with the weather. We’ll be wrapping up the 2022 season of Song of the Day on Friday, December 16th, winding down this year alongside fellow KUTX creation Song Confessional. If you’re not hip to Song Confessional‘s concept, here are the basics. Volunteers come clean about an incident in their past, and an eclectic net of musicians turn those anonymously-recorded anecdotes into original pieces of music.

Back in late May, Song Confessional‘s summer mini-season closed out with some seriously salacious details; that triple-X tryst in turn inspired “Trippy Luv”, an ethereal, effects-drenched psych-pop-rock adaptation from Hot Flash Heat Wave. But with their Song Confessional episode now far off the radar, (and “Trippy Luv” officially out as a standalone single last week) the San Francisco trio is soon set to embark on a month-long national tour, mainly clinging to the West Coast.

Seven sweltering years of DIY chemistry under their belt, Hot Flash Heat Wave is certain to make the absolute most out of their upcoming time on the road. Sadly, though, there aren’t any tour stops here in town. However, as home to mesmerizing icons like Sir Douglas Quintet, Janis Joplin, Explosions in the Sky, and others, Austinites ought to admire how well Hot Flash Heat Wave flips some pseudo-sixties psychedelia into the timeless piece of indie prog-rock ingenuity that is “Trippy Luv”.