Ruth Theodore

Hamell On Trial: “Jelly” (feat. Ruth Theodore)

Despite their sonic dissimilarities, folk and punk have always shared focal points of dissent through scathing societal commentary and rallying behind the modern working class. Yes, for every Woody Guthrie there’s been an equal and opposite Wattie Buchan, but of course, there are also plenty of folk-punk poets that perforate the norm with their own outraged acoustic discourse.

Take for example Austin’s Ed Hamell, who’s been challenging establishments and offending the straight-laced since nineties as Hamell On Trial. Ever equipped with his ’37 Gibson acoustic, Hamell’s shared stages with everyone from The Pogues to Ani DiFranco, travelled hundreds of thousands of miles on tour, often with his son Detroit, and preserved his crass satire on seventeen studio albums.

The latest of which, Bring The Kids, comes out this Friday, alongside a record release show with fellow Austinite Giulia Millanta 8:30-11:30PM this Saturday at Captain Quackenbush’s Soundscape. New York producer Matt LaBozza helped escalate the phone recordings that formed the basis of Bring The Kids into the most beat-heavy, arrangement-drenched sound Hamell’s ever handled. That said, the album still rings true with Hamell On Trial’s DIY philosophy, hand-painted aesthetic, one-man energy, offbeat unapologetic humor and all. So have a laugh before Saturday with one of Bring the Kids four lead singles, starting with the latest (and dare we say loveliest) of which that features Brit troubadour Ruth Theodore, “Jelly”.