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The Bright Light Social Hour: “The Sheriff” (feat. Riders Against the Storm)

KUTX turns ten next year. And two groups that’ve been glued to our hip the whole way through are The Bright Light Social Hour and Riders Against the Storm. They’re both must-hear Austin mainstays for a damn good reason; The Bright Light Social Hour continues to innovate a sweet-yet-sinister indie-psych sound while Riders Against the Storm still find new ways to purvey their politics across a variety of soundscapes. Both TBLSH and RAS have paid their fair share of visits to Studio 1A and enjoyed plenty of official festival performances, but despite having shared stages more times than we can count, they’ve never formally created something together…until now. Riders Against the Storm and The Bright Light Social Hour recently left the studio with a single that capitalizes on its Curtis-meets-Qi/Jackie-meets-Chaka star-crossed chemistry for a menacing three-and-a-half minute cinematic march. KUTX Presents The Bright Light Social Hour and Riders Against the Storm’s single release show 8PM this Friday at The Parish, so score your tickets while they’re still around. In the meantime, admire this new authority in Austin music alliances with the crunchy, effects-drenched crawl of “The Sheriff”.

Riders Against the Storm: “Flowers For The Living” (feat. Clarence James)

Whether you’ve attended those legendary Body Rock ATX dance parties, celebrated the official RAS Day (August 29th), or seen their name pop-up on KUTX’s playlists, chances are you’ve heard of Riders Against the Storm. Since their 2013 eponymous EP, this eclectic hip-hop duo has continued to defy any expectations of the genre by incorporating a variety of worldly sounds, most recently on this year’s feature-stacked full-length Flowers For The Living.

These three-time Studio 1A performers and previous My KUTX hosts take the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Stage 1:30pm this Friday at Austin City Limits Music Festival, so in this proverbial calm before the storm, you can bloom alongside the boom on Flowers For The Living‘s title track!

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Music and Activism with Jonathan “Chaka” Mahone

Jonathan “Chaka” Mahone from the Austin hip-hop duo Riders Against the Storm talks about how his experience as a Black musician in the Austin music community led him to create the DAWA Fund and the Black Live Music Fund. He also explains why his music is the reason he is able to continue to serve the community he loves.

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Black Live Music Fund

To Support the Black Live Music Fund

Black Live Music Fund – “Thankful” Live Stream Event February 19th

Riders Against the Storm

Chaka’s Speech — It’s time for a Black Live Music Fund 

Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child // Riders Against the Storm

In this Episode of “This Song”  host Elizabeth McQueen sits down with Kelsey Wilson from Wild Child to talk about how a Nina Simone song taught her about the power of emotion and freedom in music. Then she talks with Qi and Chaka from Riders Against the Storm about the thematic power of Ibeyi’s “River,” and about their process behind their own remix of the song.

Hear Riders Against the Storms “River” Remix on Soundcloud

Download Riders Against the Storm’s “River” Remix as part of the KUTX Song of the Day feature

Hear the full version of Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free.” Live from Montreux Jazz 1976

Hear Nina Simone talk about what freedom means to her.

See Wild Child’s Studio 1A performance

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