Ride Sharing

KUT Afternoon Newscast for June 29, 2023

Central Texas top stories for June 29, 2023. Still hot, but not dangerously hot. Austin Public Health finds mosquito trap positive for West Nile Virus. Williamson Co fentanyl education. Mayor Watson against Zilker plan. Del Valle ISD offering free books to kids for summer reading. Round Rock ride sharing service.

Texas Standard: July 28, 2016

Hillary in Texas: who was that prime connection from the 70’s her husband name checked at the convention? We’ll explore the backstory. Also if you’re an attorney general, when is it ok to take a donation from the owner of a company your office is investigating? Plus you remember the line when you wish upon a STAAR? Keep wishing, test haters. Why talk of scrapping the annual student exam seemed to fail at the last minute. Corpus, Midland, Austin: is there life after Uber and Lyft? We’ll consider the alternatives in a high tech reality check plus the woman on a mission to restore a missing mission. Those stories and lots more today on the Texas Standard:

Disrupting My Ride

There’s an ongoing trend of peer-to-peer goods sharing sweeping the nation. Now, many Texas cities are creating policies for the companies, especially ride sharers like Uber and Lyft. That was the inspiration for Typewriter Rodeo’s David Fruchter as he wrote this week’s poem.