Rich Harney

V&B – Jazz & The Art of the Apocalypse

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Rabbi and Jazz Historian Neil Blumofe, Dr. Steve Friesen (Chair of Bibilical Studies at the University of Texas), Adrian Ruiz, (trumpet) Michael Malone, (saxophone) Sam Pankey, (bass) Rich Harney, (piano) Scott Laningham, (drums) for a night of lively discussion and great live music. What do we listen to when our day is unsure? What is the soundtrack to our anxiety? How can jazz, an organic art form, help us respond to the shadows of apocalypse that seems to shade from every quarter?

V&B: Wes Montgomery and The Art of Confidence

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Rabbi Neil Blumofe in conversation about one of the 20th century’s most influential jazz guitarists, Wes Montgromery. We’ll discuss what we give up as we make a living and how Montgomery’s music and life lessons help us learn about our own choices, and our own sense of purpose and last contribution.

This Views & Brews also features renditions of selected Wes Montgomery works performed by Mitch Watkins (guitar), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Roscoe Beck (bass), Rich Harney (piano) and Brannen Temple (drums).


V&B: Thelonious Monk and The Art of Hesitation

Thelonious Monk is an original and unique voice in the shaping and the sound of American music. Both his compositions and his inimitable piano playing continue to confound and resound decades after their inception, bringing us to ask questions — how far can one go when listening to your own muse? Does the artist have a responsibility to instruct while creating? Can art just be enjoyed or does it have to vex to be effective? When looking to swing, how important is rhythm? What is said in the silences? These are the questions we set out to explore during what proved to be an inspirational night of ideas and music at the Cactus Cafe.

Listen to some of the highlights from the event with KUT’s Views and Brews Remix featuring Rabbi Neil Blumofe in discussion with KUT’s Rebecca McInroy along with musicians Rich Harney (piano) Roscoe Beck (bass) Brannen Temple (drums) and Sam Lipman (Saxophone) and special guest Ephraim Owens (trumpet).

V&B: Charles Mingus and The Art of Enigma

Charles Mingus is considered one of the most creative and original voices in American jazz. Uniquely sensitive to the plight of the dispossessed, he challenged his musical ensembles to be improvisatory acts of collective inspiration — responding to the matters of the moment.

The music that Mingus wrote was rooted in standard musical forms and grounded in the blues. At KUT’s Views and Brews Rabbi Neil Blumofe and KUT’s Rebecca McInroy looked at how interpretation of these forms in performance might bring about the transformation of a musician, a listener, and potentially, the world.

The Cactus was packed (standing room only) and the music performed by our all-star quintet was hot! We discussed Mingus, his music, his relationships with his musicians and audience, as well as the agony and the ecstasy he expended in communicating his vision.

Musical Guests
Roscoe Beck , bass
Brannen Temple, drums
Sam Lipman, saxophone
Freddie Mendoza, trombone
Rich Harney, piano