Texas Standard: December 10, 2021

A Supreme Court decision on Texas’ new abortion law- which says more about legal procedure than reproductive rights. Details today on the Texas Standard.

Almost halfway through the school year and chronic shortages of teachers combined with COVID concerns continue to cause trouble in districts statewide, coming up, how this is playing out at a school in Fort Bend.

$800 million to curb the spread of COVID in the classroom- mostly unspent. We’ll hear why.

And the thousands of multimillion dollar mansions in Texas that pay no taxes because of who’s living there. Those stories and much more.

Texas Standard: August 19, 2020

Calls for defunding police now getting pushback from Texas’ top three elected officials, setting up a major fight between state lawmakers and cities.
A vow from Texas GOP leaders at the State Capitol to cap property tax revenue for cities that move to make cuts in law enforcement budgets. We’ll have details.
Also, how the senate race in Texas could be a factor in calls for reform in sexual harassment policies in the US military. Plus, Madlin Meckleberg with a Politicfact check about who votes republican in the Lone Star State and much more.

Texas Standard: April 25, 2017

Feeling the sting: Texas officials worry about the return of a major health threat, and why those most at risk aren’t paying attention…The story today on the Texas Standard.

If you build it they will—sue? NPR’s John Burnett tells us how a 40 year old treaty could be a brick wall for the wall…

People used to worry about high school dropout rates–these days it’s more and more middle schoolers. What’s being done to reverse a troubling trend in Texas.

Want a cut in your property taxes? The Dallas Morning News watchdog says don’t wait for politicians, join the protest. We’ll hear about his plan–and the pushback.

Plus, think of it as Formula One with a distinctly Texan accent: later this hour we’re off to the lawnmower races.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, the Texas Standard is on the air.