Robin Mordecai: “Caroline”

It’s been three quarters of a decade since Austin songwriter Robin Mordecai shared his last EP Here Goes Something, but fortunately for us he’s finally got another album coming out this weekend. True to its title, Portraits features five succinct snapshots of fictional personalities anchored in ’70s/’80s-style pop rock, not unlike The Cars or Tom Petty. This lyrical gallery showcases Mordecai’s multi-instrumental mastery across drums, bass, keyboard, guitar and vocals, with additional polish from producer David Messier and Same-Sky Studio engineer Andre Catave. Robin Mordecai plays 8PM tonight at Geraldine’s and 10PM at Saxon Pub on Tuesday the 26th so see him in person when you can. In the meantime, find your favorite character on Portraits and let these narratives spin with the record, beginning with album opener “Caroline”, co-written by Jeff Plankenhorn.

Texas Standard: December 27, 2017

Trips to Israel by Texas officials are costing taxpayers. Is it worth it? We’ll explore. Also we’ll take a look at the longstanding economic ties between Texas, and oil! Plus while all eyes have been on the North Pole the last few days we turn our attention to the South Pole. We’ll hear from a couple who spent time there for research on a future journey to Mars. And if you’ve got a poinsettia in the house, check the leaves. We’ll tell you why. And we’ll look to commentator WF Strong for some predictions for Texas not in 2018… but in 2118. Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard: