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Confession Response #1: HS Queer Baiter

We’re ending 2022 with the premiere of 4 new songs that were submitted after our previous episode.

Songs from Caelin, Roman Kuebler, Steel Gemini, and M. Walker were inspired by last week’s episode about a queer baiter. Walker and Zac break down each song and how everyone had a different take on the confession itself.

After you give this a listen, give us a rating and review, and look for these artists wherever you listen to music.

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Confession Call #1: HS Queer Baiter

We’re trying something new here at Song Confessional and are calling on YOU to help us out.

If you’ve been following along and thinking to yourself, “I could have totally written a song for this confession!”, well now’s your chance!

We’re asking you to listen to this confession (taken at Red River Revel), write and record an original song inspired by it, and send it to us. If we like it, we’ll feature our favorites on the next episode of the show!

Your song doesn’t have to be studio quality. Record it on your phone, and produce it on an MPC, whatever your method is will work for us. Just make sure you follow the information and submission requirements in the google doc here. Submit your song no later than December 13th. 

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Pom Pom Squad – River part 1

This week’s episode features the confession that inspired Pom Pom Squad’s latest tune “River”.

In this episode, you’ll hear our confessor talk about how his father’s death led to his divorce. You’ll also hear Walker and Zac discuss this confession in-depth and share how they relate to our confessor. And you’ll hear “River” by Pom Pom Squad.

Be on the lookout for part 2 of our episode next week when Walker chats with Pom Pom Squad directly.

Fat Tony – Sugar Daddy

We’re halfway through our mini season featuring stories collected in our permanent confessional booth at Hotel Magdalena! This week our confessor shares the unexpected way she finally found the love she deserved.

Houston Rapper Fat Tony immortalizes her story with a new track that captures the beautiful mania of falling in love.

Listen to Song Confessional every Thursday at and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

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