Never Die

The Ghost Wolves: “End Of It All”

Elden Ring‘s been out for a week, so you may think already have a certain type of spectral canines on your mind. The Ghost Wolves, however, aren’t playing any games. This Austin two-piece has more than a decade of experience under their fur, having toured across the globe and landed their original music on programs featured by Netflix, HBO, and MTV. Together, guitarist-keyboardist-vocalist Carley Wolf and drummer-singer Jonny Wolf have played more than a thousand shows in every venue imaginable, even in spooky spaces dungeons and caverns typically fit for a traditional spectral haunt. On Tuesday The Ghost Wolves shared two new singles off their upcoming third full-length Never Die, out June 3rd. It’s definitely a departure from their previous stuff defined by guitar distortion and subdued percussion. But this dark, heavy material still conjures the same gritty, blues-adjacent noise-rock spirit that makes The Ghost Wolves so great. You can hear some of the new tracks live at a free, all-ages show 9PM this Saturday at ABGB along with Veronica Peach and you can get into Never Die early with the eery, organ-driven bounce of “End Of It All”.