KUT Afternoon Newscast for January 12, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 12, 2024. Latest timeline for inbound freezing temperatures. Grid outlook for this weekend. Landlords shutting off water ahead of freezing temperatures. Austin-Bergstrom prepares for freezing temperatures. MLK day march and celebration plans. Voter registration in Texas. Austin ISD makes progress on special education evaluation backlog. The Hays County Health Department will open its Immunization Clinic next week.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 12, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 12, 2024. Windy Friday. Change of plans for MLK day celebration. Austin ISD is making progress on special education evaluation backlog. Austin ISD budget deficit. Ascension Seton and Acadia healthcare partnership. A recent report finds white nationalist groups are putting up more banners and flyers in Texas compared to other parts of the country.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for January 11, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 11, 2024. How the City of Austin is preparing for freezing temperatures. How to prepare your car for the cold. Plans for Austin’s MLK day march could change due to the freezing temperatures. Texas is having one of its warmest winters on record. Williamson county emergency responders partner with We Are Blood. Drought picture is improving with recent rains.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 17, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 17, 2023. Governor Abbott inauguration. Record number of hit-and-runs in 2022. Leander MLK day march. Climate change impacts food. UT Men’s Basketball vs. Iowa State.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for January 16, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 16, 2023. Warm January weather possibly ending. Hit-and-run crash record. Austin ISD transfers open. Help for asylum seekers. Central Texas MLK Day celebrations.

Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.

Texas marks MLK day with parades, celebrations and reflections on the life and the impact of a giant in the civil rights movement. Coming up, civil rights scholar, teacher and author Peniel Joseph with reflections on what the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have thought of today’s political and social landscape. Also with the Texas Legislature in recess until tomorrow, a look ahead at what to expect in this second week of the 88th session. And if you bought it, you can fix it… unless it’s a tractor? How the farm became a focal point in a fight over the right to repair. And concerns about an oil spill in the Gulf activists say hasn’t been cleaned up. All that and more today on the Texas Standard:

KUT Morning Newscast for January 16, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 16, 2023. MLK Day in Austin. MLK Day closures. San Marcos reconsidering police contract. South by SouthWest seeks volunteers. ACC virtual nursing program.

Fantastic Negrito: “Highest Bidder” (Acoustic)

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! In commemoration of nonviolent protest, overcoming societal struggles, community engagement, and voicing our dreams, today we’re putting the focus on Fantastic Negrito. Born just 74 days before Dr. King’s assassination, Xavier Dphrepaulezz spent his teens witnessing Black oppression firsthand while selling drugs and toting guns in Oakland at the onset of the ’80s crack epidemic. It wasn’t until listening to Prince’s Dirty Mind and learning of his autodidact status that Xavier decided to zero in on artistry, skip formal enrollment, and eventually sit in on Berkeley music classes.

Three years after the release of his 1996 mononymous Interscope debut The X Factor, a car crash left Xavier in a three-week coma. Once Interscope severed their ties, Xavier, fully recovered or not, slipped back into the street mentality and opened an off-the-books club in South Central L.A.. If the story stopped here, Dr. King would’ve chided it as a cautionary tale. But in 2014, Xavier returned to the songwriting realm with “black roots music for everyone” on Fantastic Negrito.

Since then, Fantastic Negrito’s released four additional full-lengths, three of which garnered Grammys for “Best Contemporary Blues Album”. Most recently, Fantastic Negrito’s fanned enthusiasm for Grandfather Courage, an all-acoustic reimagining of last year’s White Jesus Black Problems that drops on February 3rd. In a way Grandfather Courage continues King’s legacy by retelling stories on behalf of our elders and introducing their discourses to a new generation of dreamers. Hear for yourself on the record’s lead single, a stripped-down rework of “Highest Bidder”.

KUT Morning Newscast for January 12, 2023

Central Texas top stories for January 12, 2023. Austin Bergstrom update. Monkeypox Vaccines resuming. HACA waitlist open. Self driving car safety concerns. Leander ISD school board meeting. MLK day in Austin.

Texas Standard: January 17, 2022

A hostage situation at a synagogue in North Texas ends with the hostages safe, the assailant dead and many questions remaining. We’ll have more on the attack at a Colleyville synagogue. Also, On this King Day 2022, federal voting rights legislation, largely sparked by changes in Texas and other Republican led states, hits a major obstacle. We’ll have details. Plus national guard troops deployed by the governor to the southern border say their requests for hardship relief being rejected. And many blame politics. We’ll hear why. Also The Standards Laura Rice with the Texas nexus at this years Sundance film festival and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Jeff Dazey: “Song for Atatiana” (feat. Greyhounds, Jay Moeller, Tameca Jones & Lee Merritt)

Happy MLK Day! In the spirit of Dr. King, we’re handing the microphone over to Fort Worth’s Jeff Dazey, who, after honing his skills in Leon Bridges’ horn section, has supplied some unforgettable sax elements for Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, not to mention some standout features.

Thoroughly shaken by the October 2019 shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in his hometown, Dazey enlisted an eclectic assortment of Austin talent to help realize the tribute he had in mind, including local duo Greyhounds, one half of the Moeller Brothers on drums, and the always-incandescent vocals of Tameca Jones. “Song for Atatiana” was rounded out by Buds’ engineer/producer Sam Patlove and hits its most poignant moments when watching the music video of the same name.

Texas Standard: January 18, 2016

The other party held a presidential debate last night and sparks flew, but did it change anything? Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck in Iowa, close in New Hampshire and O’Malley trails both. Why Martin Luther King Day is more important than ever this year. A Houston lawyer asked the Supreme Court to define what it means to be a natural born citizen but did he ask too late to get an answer in time for the election? And what life was really like for Bonnie and Clyde. Those stories and much more on todays Texas Standard: