Mexico City music

Girl Ultra: “Llama” (Live at Scholz Garden)

As mentioned on Monday, our Scholz Garten guest Son Rompe Pera did an outstanding job of representing Mexico City’s diverse scene for our live morning broadcast last week. And while SRP made an impression that’ll surely have folks talking til next SXSW, they weren’t the only ones bridging capitals; we were also fortunate enough to have M.C. native Nan de Miguel on deck, better known as Girl Ultra. Seven years after she first got signed, Girl Ultra’s grip on undulating melodies and bilingual verbal abilities have escalated her into the upper caliber of Latin R&B rockstars like Kali Uchis and Nathy Peluso. By building on an already-rich reputation for adaptability and sonic variety (including an appearance on Adrian Quesada’s Boleros Psicodélicos), last April, Girl Ultra branched out to genres like U.K. two-step, indie pop, alt-rock, and even orchestral Bossa nova on her latest studio release, EL SUR. Well, last week Girl Ultra brought some of EL SUR, Nuevos Aires (2019) and Adiós (2018) north of the border and into our city limits. On Friday morning Girl Ultra got up onstage at Scholz Garten and gave it her all with hybrid arrangements that beautifully blended backing track samples with live instrumentation. The set certainly attracted a pack of new listeners like everyone’s favorite camelids (sorry, alpacas) thanks to lush renditions that included the album opener from Girl Ultra’s 2018 sophomore EP Adiós, “Llama”.

Son Rompe Pera: “La Muerte Del Amor” (Live at Scholz Garten)

It’s safe to assume that us at KUTX aren’t the only ones exhausted after SXSW 2023. But as part of our obligation to provide the Austin Music Experience, we can’t just let last week’s handful of sessions exist strictly as a memory. So instead we’re revisiting some of our favorite moments from the legendary Scholz Garten to help you through the next five days of Spring Break recovery.

If you missed it in person or on-air, our live broadcast on Wednesday morning ended with a bang thanks to Son Rompe Pera. The Mexico City cross-genre fraternal quintet dropped in bright and early to marinate the Garten gang in some mallet-manic marimba topped with hypnotic percussion, pulsating bass intervals, and various western spices. Still riding high on the release of their sophomore full-length Chimborazo the previous weekend, Son Rompe Pera unsurprisingly sizzled especially hard on the new material. And although the feature-laden baker’s dozen on Chimborazo is arguably best enjoyed front to back at full volume sipping a cold cerveza, you can revive your love of Latin language live performances with the Scholz Garten rendition of “La Muerte Del Amor” in a video from our amazing multi-media team.