Texas Standard: April 10, 2018

A case of clerical error? A peer reviewed journal questions conventional wisdom on the record setting number of maternal deaths in Texas. Details today on the Standard.

Are military cuts causing more US military flyers to lose their lives? A first of its kind investigation connects the dots between cutbacks and crashes.

Lubbock drawing national attention post-Parkland- for what may be a revolutionary way to spotlight mental health needs among students.

And the “decade of malaise” they called it, what’s it got to do with Donald Trump? A presidential scholar says more than we might think. Grab your platform shoes and crank up that Hi-fi….because it’s time for the national news show of you know where.

Texas Standard: August 18, 2016

The Aleppo boy in the ambulance – could a haunting photo mark a tipping point in what’s been called a forever war? The case today on the Texas Standard.

The feds are phasing out private prisons. How did we get there in the first place? Would you believe Texas led the way?

Also the dwindling population at the nation’s biggest military base raises new opportunities- for civilian homehunters looking for the ultimate in gated communities.

Mental health behind the badge: how the stuff they don’t tell you at the academy can hurt, and what’s being done to help.

It started with a game between New York and San Francisco. This weekend, Texas hosts the world series of gay softball.

Plus the week in politics, and much more to share— the Texas Standard is back on the air.