Mamalarky: “Meadow”

After spending time in Los Angeles, Austin-born quartet Mamalarky has settled into more southern pastures, and now calls Atlanta their metropolitan headquarters. Regardless of their location, these Studio 1A veterans have continued to make their off-kilter indie rock more and more accessible to the masses, though they’ve never shed what makes them great: non-traditional lyrical matters, inventive chord structures, and psych-pop flourishes that favor the ethereal, countercultural aspects of psychedelia rather than cater to simplistic pop formulas.

Just this past Monday Mamalarky shared a new double A-side that taps into a bucolic theme with naturalistic song titles (“Meadow” and “Moss“) and pastoral music videos. Both are outstanding additions to Mamalarky’s roster of originals, guaranteed to transport you out of the office mindset, so block out the workplace hurdles this Hump Day and soak up some rays with “Meadow”!