Kenny Rogers

Texas Standard: December 24, 2020

No matter where you are, you can’t escape Texas music. But as 2020 draws to a close, what is the state of the musical arts in the Lone Star State? We’ll take a look. Made here and played here, that is perhaps the simplest definition of Texas music but one that only hints at the wide range of cultures and backgrounds represented by what has sometimes been stereotyped as a genre unto itself. In a year full of extraordinary challenges for singers songwriters and musical performers, how has Texas music changed over the past year and what comes next? It’s a musical coda for 2020 on this special edition of the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: March 23, 2020

Dallas County becomes the first in Texas with orders to shelter in place. Reporters statewide join us with the latest on fight against the Coronavirus. Plus as Texas braces for economic fallout, how to plan in a time of uncertainty. Also the new school order across Texas, a return to college in a season of lockdown leaves some students adrift. And the connection between COVID-19 and a rise in domestic violence, how shelters are filling and in need of help. Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard: