Jane Ellen Bryant

Jane Ellen Bryant & Terra Lightfoot – Somebody Was Gonna Find Out

This week’s episode deals with intense topics that may be difficult for some of you to hear. A very resilient young woman shares how she discovered her fathers affair only to be blamed by him for the fallout.

Austin’s Jane Ellen Bryant and the award winning Ontario songwriter Terra Lightfoot collaborate, writing a beautiful and appropriately haunting ballad that peers into our confessor’s bravery.

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This Song: Mike Olson of Lake Street Dive // Jane Ellen Bryant

It’s hard enough for a musician to live a life on the road but when there is a new love at home, things get really complicated.  Lake Street Dive’s Mike Olson found that Willie Nelson and Leon Russell helped him deal with these complexities and helped his art along the way.  Also, Austin newcomer Jane Ellen Bryant heard Shawn Colvin as a kid, but years later the veteran’s “I Want It Back” was, to the rookie,  a perfect example of how to write, arrange and produce a song.

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