International Women's Day

Thoughts on being a woman in Texas this International Women’s Day

Two veteran Texas-based politics watchers offer their analysis of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.
What’s it like being a woman in Texas right now? We’ll hear voices of Texas women from across the state answering that question on this International Women’s Day.
South by Southwest is getting underway in Austin. Freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker Karen Bernstein joins with a film preview, while taco journalist Mando Rayo has tips on what to look for and what to avoid on the taco front.
Plus: The week in politics with The Texas Tribune.

Pahua: “Mujer del Desierto”

For the first phase of her career, Paulina Sotomayor was strictly known as the namesake frontwoman of her family band Sotomayor, but in just a couple years she’s expanded far beyond and proven herself as an incredibly-driven creative. Nowadays she spends a good amount of time behind the turntables as a DJ and hosts an online radio program, but mainly steers her solo songwriting project Pahua. With Pahua, Sotomayor explores a vast landscape of sounds, ranging from Latin rhythms, lo-fi instrumental, downtempo, electronic, and more. Lyrically Pahua’s become renowned for touching on topics like femininity, nature, empowerment, and self-love, especially on her 2021 EP, Ofrenda. Because of that, Pahua’s a prime candidate to deep dive on International Women’s Day, and she’s just offered us a new jumping-off point with a bass-heavy, reverb-soaked, jazz-chord-lovin’ single that just dropped last Friday, “Mujer del Desierto”!