Half Dream

Half Dream: “Roses”

With the autumnal onset of dreary, drippy weather here in Central Texas, this past weekend was kind of a wash for live events; at KUTX, we ended up postponing our final Rock the Park performance of 2022 a full week. But if you’re not as easily deterred by the elements, you might’ve made your way out to ABGB this weekend for a free show featuring Mean Jolene and Austin quartet Half Dream.

Masterminded by chief vocalist Paige Renee Berry, Half Dream’s been hammering down a hazy brand of indie pop rock for about half a decade. True to their name, Half Dream’s lucid instrumentation sounds like an original score to a fevered hallucination, one you won’t want to wake up from right away. The reason Half Dream was hunkering down at ABGB? The group’s latest single, “Roses”.

“Roses” fell last Friday, and Half Dream opens up for Shooks’ residency at Hotel Vegas 10PM tomorrow night. Myself? I’ll probably show support from home with fuzzy slippers on and a hot chocolate steaming. So if you’re like me and want some synesthesia for your senses without ever leaving the cave, get a whiff of languid rhythms, jangly guitar, and of course, Half Dream’s signature harmonies, with “Roses”.

Half Dream: “I Am My Own God”

Concerning artists who amp up the anticipation with an enticing name, Austin four-piece Half Dream is definitely a group who lives up to the expectations of their handle. The quartet walks a mesmerizing tightrope between ethereal shoegaze arrangements and grounded folk songwriting, spearheaded by fronting vocalist-guitarist Paige Renee Berry.

Half Dream shared their debut album Monster of Needing last October and cast their latest spell this morning. Get lucid with Half Dream when they perform 10pm tonight at Far Out Lounge for the single release show (along with The Hermits and Glasshealer) and even if you you plan on staying inside because of grey skies, you can still bask in the brooding nature of “I Am My Own God”!