glitter rock

Ladyfang: “Narcissist”

Previously under the name A Case for Brooklyn, the quartet Ladyfang has become a fabulous force of glitter, glam, and the like within Austin’s rock scene. Between their eye-catching outfits, less-than-reverent lyrics, and unpredictable nuances within their genre’s framework, Ladyfang’s kept us plenty entertained for the past half decade. Ladyfang performs tonight at Empire Control Room and tomorrow evening at Indian Roller in celebration of their latest single, whose lush vocal harmonies and satisfying production techniques will keep you grinning to yourself in the mirror before you hit the town, “Narcissist”!

Ladyfang: “Replay”

When it comes to the arena of glitter rock, it’s all about standing out. Enter keyboardist-vocalist Cara Juan and her compatriots in Ladyfang, whose controlled-but-chaotic pop rock helps the quartet outshine other glittery contenders in the Austin scene. That’s not to say Ladyfang just gnashes styles together; rather they floss in between coexistent genres with the eccentric energy and commanding confidence fit for a Lady.

So before you catch Ladyfang 10pm next Thursday at Far Out Lounge, sink your teeth into the group’s latest single, the driving-yet-ethereal “Replay” that’ll live up to its title in another way with guaranteed repeat listens.