Texas Standard: January 26, 2017

Taking the 10th: once a favorite of the Tea Party movement, now embraced by supporters of sanctuary cities? We’ll explore. Also once dubbed the death penalty capitol, Texas also leads the nation in exonerations. What that means for the future of capitol punishment. And a so-called good samaritan with a gun intervenes in a San Antonio Mall robbery. With more than a million Texans licensed to carry, what are the rules of engagement? And what’s in your wallet? With the rise of the smartphone, the Statesman’s digital guru asks, what’s a wallet? Plus the Battle of Dime Box, Texas…our expert says its the pits. Check your watches, its Texas Standard time:

Texas Standard: April 13, 2016

What could have been done to save the life of Sandra Bland? Nine months on, an independent commission releases its findings. We’ll explore. Also the state reverses a conviction…you’re free to go, but are you free? The complicated state of exonerations. Plus, t minus two days? Not exactly. A tax break this year you may not remember and few more practical considerations you should bear in mind before tax day. Also, when it comes to Texas, who’s representin? A reality show raises questions about lone stars on the Texas stage, and whether the state has lost the plot. All that and then some today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 3, 2016

Unlikely allies: the states top republican and a prominent democratic congressman seek answers about border security. We’ll explore. Following the money trail: money disappears from public coffers Mexico and ends up in Texas. The corrupt go to jail… but what happens to the money? Also salad days for aquaponics: veggies from fish waste? We’ll go deep. And remembering the day the music died…and coming soon: the last Texas music chart? What that says about the state of the music industry. All those stories and lots more today on the Texas Standard: