The Toll

In the time since the blackout, state officials, ERCOT and power generators have tried to convince Texans that they’ve got things under control. But a lot of people aren’t convinced. And with good reason. In this episode, we’ll explore how the trauma of the blackout is still with us — and how we still haven’t dealt with the true toll of the disaster. We’ll hear from one family who lost an entire generation.

The Disconnect Season 2 is a project of The Texas Newsroom, the collaboration among NPR and the public radio stations in the state. It received support from FRONTLINE’s Local Journalism Initiative, which is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Bonus: The Winterizing

Texas lawmakers passed a law earlier this year requiring power plants to winterize — but what does that really mean?

And what about winterizing other things that are needed to make sure the lights don’t go out in a storm again?

The Fallout

So what did state leaders do to make sure something like the February blackout never happens again?

And what role did deregulation play in the failure of the Texas power grid?

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Texas Standard: August 6, 2021

As the Delta COVID variant spreads rapidly nationwide, what’s the big picture looking like for Texas? A new model provides some answers. That and more today on the Texas Standard.
A spike in COVID cases or something more? Researchers at the University of Texas have a better idea of the Delta variant’s trajectory- and we’ll hear what they’re projecting.
An increase in migrants and asylum seekers reaching a tipping point in McAllen as city leaders begin building shelters, calling it as matter of public safety. We’ll hear more.
And the new official Texas state fungi? No, it’s not some guy named McConaughey, we’re talking mushrooms- and a whole lot more.