Electric Grid

Bill hopes to connect the Texas grid to the rest of the country

Three years ago, a winter storm plunged Texas into a deep freeze. Everyone who lived here remembers what followed. Millions went without power for days. Hundreds, maybe more, died. Of the many vulnerabilities exposed by that blackout, one caught people’s attention in particular: Texas exists as an energy island. It is relatively cut off from neighboring electric grids. Now, as KUT’s Mose Buchele reports, that could end — if a bill to be filed in Congress becomes law.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for January 10, 2024

Central Texas top stories for January 10, 2024. How the power grid will fare with the inbound freezing temperatures. Austin ISD gets $6 million to buy electric buses. St. Davids HealthCare announces expansion. 2 years since Austin Public Library got rid of late fees. Georgetown is building a new water treatment plan. City of Kyle to update folks on road projects.

KUT Afternoon Newscast for November 29, 2022

Central Texas top stories for November 29, 2022. Cooler weather coming. Electrical grid seasonal assessment. Winter prep supplies. Zero-waste giving. CapMetro ridership. Abortion measure filed.

Texas Standard: February 18, 2022

Nineteen indictments of Austin police officers in what appears to be one of the biggest indictments of a single police department in connection with the racial justice demonstrations of 2020. Also, the week in politics with the Texas Tribune. These stories and more today on the Texas Standard: