Is Houston still affordable?

An orange haze, a vicious wind, in some places visibility cut close to zero – is an exiting dust storm a warning of more? With high winds expected to return later this week, what the layers of dust across Texas may tell us about changes to our climate.

A recent survey from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed roughly four out of five Houstonians are stressed out about recent price increases – raising the question of whether Houston still deserves its long-held reputation as one of the most affordable large cities in the country.

Tens of thousands protest against the president in Mexico amid concerns about threats to elections there.

A bill set to raise the penalties for illegal voting in Texas gets the green light from a Senate committee.

On Rare Disease Day 2023, we’ll hear how advocates for people with such diseases are pushing for change.

And an online hack targeting Asian Texans.

Fertility House: “Paca Palace”

Everyone wants to believe that their amorous entanglements are unique, one-of-a-kind connections. And without saying they’re not, the vast majority of relationships do tend to follow similar formulas. In the eyes of Austin indie four-piece Fertility House, those formulas always end up in dissolution; the fairy-tale bond unravels and we’re put in a poignant position, but ultimately, “we all turn to dust”. As a matter of fact, Fertility House’s sophomore album, Dust, dedicates itself to the nosedives of romance across three acts: early infatuation, the turmoil of a breakup, and post-separation stoicism.

Dust settled last Tuesday, introducing us to ten fleshed-out romantic reflections and three half-minute particles that serve as instrumental act breaks. The last installment of Dust‘s second act (the garage-popper “Paca Palace”) keeps things as light as possible with a procession of trumpet chords, gang vocals and xylophones that’ll make you feel like royalty.

Texas Standard: October 7, 2016

It’s being described as the biggest ever voter fraud investigation in Texas. And in what may be the unlikeliest of counties, we’ll explore. Also paddling against the stream: as a majority of states turn away from corporal punishment in public schools, why new research in Texas could lead to a rethink here as well. Plus why industrial development in Southwest Texas is setting off a political dustup over dust. Also Texas teams up with an unlikely ally to target modern day slavery, allegedly online. Plus our weekly round of the week in politics with the Texas Tribune and much more, today on the Texas Standard: