Dog Beach Rebels

Dog Beach Rebels: “Company”

It’s post-election Wednesday, and after the extremely close results of our gubernatorial race, there are a lot of folks feeling their fur mussed up to say the least. But no matter who’s at the top of Texas politics, at least for right now, Austin is still the Live Music Capital first and foremost. So if you’re itchin’ for a reggae-alt-rock escape right here in the city limits…pile in, pooches; Dog Beach Rebels will be tossing us all a post-election bone this weekend!

With nearly five (human) years under their collar, Dog Beach Rebels’ breed of all-things reggae has only become more brindled. Whether it’s with ska, jam, rocksteady, psych, dub, or straight up roots, Dog Beach Rebels proudly struts it all like the multi-genre mutt they are. This Saturday they’ll be dropping their sophomore studio EP Just Enough, with a release show 9PM Friday night at Flamingo Cantina. So become DBR’s latest fan right now with the previously-unheard EP opener off Just Enough, whose steady skank and spacious arrangement will make you want to stay in close “Company”.

Dog Beach Rebels: “Numbers”

Whether or not you wonder why reggae fetches more radio time every April 20th, it always seems like a good fit. So what better time to call up Austin four-piece Dog Beach Rebels, who, despite their scruffy handle, has written far from wet fur and has risen up in the ranks of reggae-rock since their debut EP last year.

The quartet’s got a couple new singles and a live album for 2021 (including “Lawman’s Daughter”, slated for late May), but given the numeric fascination behind this particular Tuesday, paired with DBR’s penultimate residency performance tonight at One-2-One Bar (9-11pm), it’s a perfect opportunity to premiere “Numbers”!