Django Django

Django Django: “Asking For More” (KUTX Live at Home)

Quentin Tarantino wasn’t the only artist igniting delight with a silent D in 2012; just ask London four-piece Django Django, whose eponymous debut full-length launched the same year. Since sharing that baker’s dozen back at the beginning of the past decade, these Brits have brought more and more joy with each new exploration of prog rock, psych, electronic, and indie, further weaving their undefinable sound.

Following the release of their fourth LP Glowing in the Dark in February, Django Django’s just announced a month-long European tour kicking off in October. And though we’re still quite a ways from the prospect of the group performing in Austin pandemic-wise, these Studio 1A veterans have offered us a socially-distanced set that you can enjoy in the comfort of your office, living room or on-the-go. Be sure to watch the full thing starting off with the retro-inspired Hall & Oates/Joe Jackson-style groove on “Asking For More”!