Dirty Money

Josie Lockhart: “Dirty Money”

For a full decade, retro-pop power trio Sphynx had an almost mythical command over their electrifying live performances and immersive studio recordings. But with Sphynx having sifted back into the figurative sand, former frontman (or at least one of them) Aaron Miller’s extended himself well beyond the sphere of Sphynx with his daring solo endeavor Josie Lockhart.

This aural outlaw breaks all the expectations you might have of Sphynx on his debut record Santa Rosa, which takes a revisionist Western approach to road anthems, emotional outpourings, and the all-too-familiar idiosyncrasies of isolation.¬†Santa Rosa¬†rides onto streaming services this Friday and Josie Lockhart celebrates with a release show Friday, November 5th at Captain Quackenbush’s. But before you saddle up to celebrate Santa Rosa, enjoy some of its cleanest currency courtesy of the record’s latest nu-disco earworm, “Dirty Money”!