Democratic debate

Texas Standard: February 20, 2020

Did Mike’s appearance move the needle in Texas? If so, which direction? We’ll asses the debate as we barrel toward Super Tuesday. Other stories we’re tracking: how reactions to the coronavirus have created what doctors are calling an infodemic thanks to social media. Omar Gallaga on viral takes about a medical crisis. Plus, Amarillo by morning? Not if by that you mean a break in a big time labor deadlock there. Plus- why some flights out of Brownsville have asylum attorneys alarmed. Those stories and a lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: February 10, 2020

The Democrat most likely to become Texas toast on Super Tuesday? We’ll look at how tomorrow’s primary vote sets the stage for a delegate fight close to home. Plus ABC News analyst Matthew Dowd joins us to talk about the latest in the race among democrats trying to topple President Trump. And the Telecom rollout that’s got 57 Texas cities roiled up. We’ll hear about their lawsuit. Plus the author reviving the story of a south Texas equal rights activist often overlooked by historians. All of those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 14, 2015

The pundits claim there was a winner last night. Building on the momentum, Hillary Clinton’s next stop is you know where.Also, an historic release of prisoners from the federal system, of 6 thousand to be released nationwide, which state will absorb the most by far? Here’s a hint- it rhymes with Lexus.
Plus, at a time of high costs for higher ed, students at a small panhandle school district harvest a bumper crop of scholarships- we’ll tell you how. And The return of the Hummer…not exactly. This time, the military monster truck prowling shopping center parking lots will be the real deal. All of that and more on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: October 9, 2015

The chaos on capitol hill, a free for all for the house speakership, what are the stakes? In Texas, the battleground in 2016 looks an awful lot like the Latino vote. What does that mean for next weeks first democratic presidential debate? Also the multi-billion dollar Dell deal…swallowing up a server giant that might be the biggest tech merger ever. And to dream the impossible dream…aka doing the Texas state fair on the cheap. All of that and much more on the Texas Standard: