Dell Medical School

KUT Morning Newscast for April 22, 2024

Central Texas top stories for April 22, 2024. A Travis County resident is attempting to remove District Attorney José Garza from office. Early voting starts today in the May fourth local elections. Elgin ISD’s $375 million bond package. The US Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on a case that could change policies banning behavior related to homelessness in Austin. A lawsuit alleges Travis County’s taxing hospital district Central Health has improperly provided money to Dell Medical School since 2014. The City of Austin is looking into how to close the $3.8 million gap in their budget.

KUT Morning Newscast for July 28, 2022

Central Texas top stories for July 28, 2022. The Austin City Council votes on new management for the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. Update on wildfires in Travis and Hays counties. Central Health is asking for accountability on Dell Medical School’s budget. A new public art installation in San Marcos honors the indigenous population.

Texas Standard: May 12, 2020

Who’s entitled to cast a mail in ballot? A new lawsuit says the Attorney General’s advice might have broken election laws. We’ll try to sort out the confusion. Plus, is 2020 the year Texas turns blue? A perennial question reemerges with a little more oomph this election season. And oil plummeting rising unemployment, what else? A new report on a hit to the Texas economy few in our major cities are talking about. And the decisions faced by some families on whether to get loved ones out of nursing facilities. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: August 13, 2018

Reformers used to talk about boosting the three r’s. This week the letters that could matter more for schools statewide: the letters A thru F. With 1100 Texas schools getting their first A thru F style report cards, who’s doing the grading, and is anyone getting extra credit? We’ll take a look. Also a pilot shortage and how the lone star state might help plug it. And breathing deeply: Texas-sized effort to battle asthma. Plus the return of the empress of gulf coast soul: Beaumont’s Barbara Lynn back in the spotlight. All that and a whole lot more on today’s Texas Standard: