Texas Standard: January 14, 2020

Texas offers one of the biggest delegate prizes in all the U.S. Are the democrats in this years presidential contest taking Texas seriously? We’ll take a closer look at how far the candidates are going to win over Texas voters, and what’s at stake. Also, as candidates focus their energies on places like Iowa, should Texas consider taking a stand as the state with the first primary? Plus a state historic site reopens after devastating tornadoes: a return to the Caddo Mounds plus a whole lots more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 18, 2016

The NY primary’s tomorrow, but the big winner already: Ted Cruz. Donald Trump says the system is rigged, and he may be right. We’ll explore. Plus in a small town near San Antonio scenes like those from the film scarface…what is the Texas Mexican Mafia? And why the crackdown now? Also from science fiction to fact: researchers in Texas develop a force field. And now so can you. Plus with the age of ranchers on the rise, a new call to action: I want my ranch TV. Those stories and lots more on todays Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 15, 2016

Amid reports of child deaths and top level departures, a shakeup at Child Protective Services. But is CPS beyond repair? Also New York’s upcoming primary may be getting all the headlines, but closer to home, there’s a bitter behind the scenes battle for delegates in Texas…we’ll hear what’s happening. And how ya gonna keep em down on the server farm given the cost of energy? As cloud computing grows, Texas searches for ways to take a load off the grid. Plus a party like its 1891…a search for the soul of San Antonio’s Fiesta… and much more… on todays Texas Standard: