David Ramirez

David Ramirez & Kalu James – Dark Star

This week our confessor paints an eerie picture of the most scared she’s ever been. A creepy drive into the middle of nowhere, a remote cabin, abandonment by a so called friend in West Virginia

Austin showmen Kalu James and David Ramirez give us a spine tingling collaboration that feels like the soundtrack to your next favorite horror fix.

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David Ramirez: “I Believe You”

Austin icon David Ramirez has been a major station staple of ours since KUTX’s humble origins. You’ve no doubt heard the Americana-connoisseur on our airwaves and we’ve had him in Studio 1A more times than we can count but the big news this week is the announcement of a new live EP.

Rules & Regulations not only marks the tenth total collection of songs from Ramirez but also the completion of a new challenge – recording and mixing six tracks to tape live in the studio with zero overdubs – all accomplished at Austin Signal in a mere two days. Hearing Ramirez in this new environment is already a treat and to top it off the special EP Box Set for Rules & Regulations also comes equipped with a coffee roast personalized by the man himself. Rules & Regulations is out February 25th and the album closer “I Believe You” (inspired by the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings) testifies to the top-tier quality of these previously unreleased songs.

Song Confessional Season 2 Announcement

Season 2 starts January 13! New song premieres from !!!, Alesia Lani, Sea Moya, Jane Ellen Bryant & Terra Lightfoot, David Ramirez & Kalu James, Madisen Ward & The Momma Bear, Night Moves.

New original score for every episode!

Even more exciting news, we now have a permanent interactive confession booth in partnership with Hotel Magdalena! Visit Hotel Magdalena in Austin, TX anytime to share your stories. New Episodes every Thursday.

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David Ramirez: “Friends Forever” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

Since the salad days of KUTX, Austin songwriter David Ramirez has been a major staple of our airwaves. And David’s growth alongside ours over the years makes us feel like we’ve got a special bond between us. So imagine our elation when this six-time Studio 1A veteran visited us backstage at ACL Fest and treated us to a preview of an unreleased track all about his preference for platonic pals, “Friends Forever”!

Holly Miranda // Johnny Goudie // David Ramirez

In this episode of “This Song,” Taylor Wallace sits down with Holly Miranda to talk about how a song she heard as a teenager opened her up to being open. Elizabeth McQueen sits down with musician and “how did I get here”  host Johnny Goudie to hear about a song from his teens that made him long for longing. And KUTX  Artist of the month for August, David Ramirez, tells Elizabeth about a song he fell in love with in 4th grade that still inspires him today.

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