Cypress Creek

KUT Morning Newscast for February 28, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 28, 2024. The city of Austin expects to face a budget shortfall this fiscal year. Fertility specialist on Alabama Supreme Court IVF ruling. Hays County approved a plan to protect Cypress Creek. The Longhorns beat the Red Raiders one last time.

Texas Republican says banning college polling places is about safety. Students don’t buy it.

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in two challenges to student loan forgiveness. With Texas having the second highest number of student loans in the nation, a University of Houston legal scholar offers analysis and what comes next.

There’s a push in the Texas Legislature to ban polling places on college campuses – but some students see it as voter suppression.

Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past there was a planned mega-merger in the publishing biz. Today: the postscript.