Cyber Attacks

KUT Morning Newscast for December 6, 2022

Central Texas top stories for December 6, 2022. Austin Mayor runoff election debate. Runoff early voting turnout. T-CAD ransomware attack. Austin rent prices. School shooting false alarm. Austin ISD superintendent search continues. Christmas tree debate.

Texas Standard: July 20, 2016

He’s the nominee. The role Republicans from Texans played to secure Donald Trump’s presidential nomination, we’ll explore. Also plans for a new South Texas family detention center are moving forward, without the support of many in the community. We’ll explain. And police officers in Dallas were targeted and killed, even though that department had fewer cases of officer-involved shootings than others. We’ll take a look at the facts. And one of the most sought-after advice columnists in Texas is revealing his true identity: we’ll introduce you to “The Texanist.” And what you can and can’t do legally speaking when it comes to getting Pokemon hunters out of your yard. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard: