Coup De Grace

Tr38cho & Ajent O: “Coup De Grace”

As we all know, New York is one of hip-hop’s central hubs so it can be tough to keep track of everything coming out. But there’s one EP in particular from last year that you won’t want to gloss over,Project Mayhem. Two of Buffalo’s finest – rap-punk vocalistTr38cho and producer-emcee Ajent O – went in hard on Project Mayhem, and as you can imagine from the name, the record’s full of transgressive energy and societal dissonance. This feature-filled eight-track also covers a ton of sub-genre sonics, be it with gritty piano chops, classic breakbeats, and Neptunes-esque percussion. So instead of trying to fight Project Mayhem, become a part of the movement with the album’s lead single (and music video) “Coup De Grace”!