Texas Standard: September 14, 2015

George P. Bush- his day job is Texas Land Commissioner…or is it? All his time away from the office is raising questions and some eyebrows. Also, the easy jokes about glasses and his big oops moment may obscure a larger story rick perry’s failed campaign. Also, at one time, oil was as high as 120 dollars a barrel. Analysts now warn it could slide to just 20…if wall streets worried, what about main streets across Texas? And a Texas city tries to fill the job of top cop amid a national conversation about race and police power…those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: September 3, 2015

Red hot rhetoric, violence against those who wear the badge- Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick calls on a show of respect for law enforcement and a shift of focus for the media…and he’s passionate about it as your about to hear. Also, just how anonymous are you really whenever you’re online? Did an editorial in a Texas paper land a critic on the Governor’s ‘list’? And en route to Mars, researchers study eyes– high in the skies above Texas…try saying that three times fast. All of that today on the Texas Standard:

June 8, 2015

Police and Race…Texas in the international spotlight as a pair of videos go viral. The EPA says there’s no connection between fracking and pollution of drinking water…end of discussion? Not so much, we’ll explore. Also, a medical breakthrough at a Houston hospital: the first ever skull cap transplant. And a tax that affects only women? Stay with us