Jazz and the Art of Psychoanalysis (11.8.15)

In this edition of Liner Notes Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe talks about the relationship between jazz and psychoanalysis.

These early 20th century emerging ways of life have had a profound effect on our individual spiritual development as well as our identity as a larger civilization, as we consider our dreams, desires, loves, and fears. How do these two disciplines inform each other? How do those who have been outcast or in exile within society find a home in these inventive arts? What happens when Freud and Coltrane meet?

What does it mean to listen and what does it mean to reveal? How can disclosing our vulnerabilities make us more resilient? How can making peace with our past establish a more secure present and future? Where is music in all of this? We will listen to standards within the jazz canon, as we reflect upon the open and concealed ways that our spirit and mind conjoins.