It’s been a long year and a long week, no matter how you voted on Election Day. We are all tired, and starting to look towards the future. It’s worth remembering that even though we may have different points of view – in the end, we are all humans.


Today is the last day of early voting in Texas, and next Tuesday is Election Day. Forget the candidates, forget the talking heads on cable news, forget the social media arguments – remember that part of what makes our country special is our right to vote. No matter who you tick the box for, make sure you get your voice heard.

Undecided Voters

With 59 days left to the 2016 Presidential Election, most people have had their decision made for several months. But there are hold-outs – some are still researching issues and exploring their options. This poem is for the ones who dare to wait.

The Race Has Gotten Ugly

We’ve been hearing from presidential hopefuls for nearly three years now. It’s 2016, and here we are counting down to the general election. Tensions are high and lines have been drawn. The one thing we can all agree on: things are getting ugly.

Texas Standard: June 6, 2016

May it please the court? When in Brownsville beware. A judge in the deferred deportation case orders Washington attorneys back to ethics school. That story today on the Texas Standard.

Two police training academies shut down in south Texas–the allegations: brutality toward cadets. Details on the investigation.

Also the skinny on a school district taking childhood obesity rates rather seriously.

And should Hillary Clinton borrow a tactic from LBJ? How the campaign of 64 could foretell the autum of 2016.

Plus, a new breakout profession—the cuddler.

Turn it up and get cozy because the Texas Standard is on the air.

Texas Standard: June 2, 2016

Parked squarely over Texas a weather system promising more rain for days- but should we turn our attention to the ground? That story today on the Texas Standard.

In January new rules took effect making it tougher for minors seeking an abortion in Texas without parental consent. Six months later: what’s happened?

Also, a question for Hillary Clinton: which “red states” could she take in November? Her enthusiastic reply may surprise you. Veteran democratic consultant Harold Cook on whether she could, in fact, “come and take it”.

Plus, underrated tech for Texans- and a whole lot more. We’re just getting started.