Chicha Summit

Money Chicha: “Fuentes” (Studio 1A Version)

On the ascent towards their latest album Chicha Summit, you’ve been hearing lots about our October 2021 Artist of the Month, Money Chicha. This exotic cumbia-psych-rock project features some of the biggest standouts from both Grupo Fantasma and Brownout as well as relative newcomer Kiko Villamizar, who helped Money Chicha achieve the peak perfection heard on Chicha Summit.

If you’re the type that loves Latin grooves and can’t resist dancing, you won’t want to miss Money Chicha’s electric energy tonight at Far Out Lounge. But even if you plan on staying home, you can drink up the long-awaited return of live music to our beloved Studio 1A with a luscious three-song video set, including a real outpouring from Villamizar on one of Chicha Summit‘s finest flows, “Fuentes”!