Capyac – EarthMemory part 2

In this weeks’ episode of the Song Confessional, Walker sits down with Eric of Capyac to discuss last week’s crooked doctor’s confession.

They also discuss Capyac’s history and evolution as a band, how they manage song writing when living across the world from one another and how they booked their first national tour.

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Capyac – EarthMemory part 1

This week’s episode, features Capyac and the debut of their new song “EarthMemory”.

“EarthMemory” was inspired by a crooked doctor who gives out prescription drugs to his patients that are addicts as well as sleeps with them.

And keep your eyes to your podcast feed for next week when Walker sits down with Capyac to hear how they channeled this confession into their latest tune.

CAPYAC: “Best Friend”

Whether you’ve been a big fan of that Disclosure-esque blend of deep house instrumentation with sultry R&B grooves OR you were just a frequent participant in the Austin music scene several years back, you’ve already made acquaintances with CAPYAC.

Fully settled into their relatively-new L.A. home base, Potion and P. Sugz have continued to push the envelope with their lyrical content and production choices, a saga that continues today with a tune that defies the typical pronouns you’d hear in genres dominated by heteronormativity. CAPYAC’s on track to drop another record in 2021, and previews it today with the album’s slinky and seductive sophomore single, whose visual counterpart comes out a week from today, “Best Friend”!