After devastating tornadoes, Sanderson residents begin to rebuild and recover

The Texas Medical Board has offered guidance to doctors on the emergency medical exception to the state’s abortion ban.
How the small town of Sanderson in West Texas is recovering after a pair of tornadoes.
Shipments of avocados and mangoes from the Mexican state of Michoacán to the U.S. are suspended after two U.S. Department of Agriculture workers in the region were detained by local protesters and later removed from the area, leaving inspections of produce on hold. What will it mean for prices?
Reading, writing and roasting: Texas A&M is hoping to school the next generation of coffee experts by offering a Coffee Processing and Quality Certificate.
And: what Texas architecture of the mid century tells us about the Lone Star State and its complicated aspirations – we’re talking to the author and photographer behind “Home, Heat, Money, God: Texas and Modern Architecture.”

Texas Standard: January 14, 2020

Texas offers one of the biggest delegate prizes in all the U.S. Are the democrats in this years presidential contest taking Texas seriously? We’ll take a closer look at how far the candidates are going to win over Texas voters, and what’s at stake. Also, as candidates focus their energies on places like Iowa, should Texas consider taking a stand as the state with the first primary? Plus a state historic site reopens after devastating tornadoes: a return to the Caddo Mounds plus a whole lots more today on the Texas Standard: