Buenos Diaz

Buenos Diaz: “The Name of The Game”

Artist multiplicity is a big part of what draws people to Austin, and definitely not just during SXSW. But especially in the midst of SX, it also behooves many to diversify their performances and mix up their on-stage exposure. And for Buenos Diaz singer-guitarist Nick Diaz, that’s “The Name of The Game”.

This week Nick’s rockstar aura glows across several acts and venues; he’s spending much of it as a six-string-for-hire with his NYC friends Lizzie and the Makers, balancing the rest out between solo and full band sets. Lizzie and the Makers play 8:45PM tonight at The Dizzy Rooster, at Blind Pig 10PM tomorrow and 10:15PM on Wednesday, and 10PM this Friday at Saxon Pub. As for Nick, he’s going solo 5PM tomorrow at Mañana and 1:30PM on Wednesday near the Taco Deli at Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

But bringin’ it back to Buenos Diaz, the full band hops on right after Lizzie and the Makers 11PM on Friday at Saxon Pub before a show 6:30PM next Wednesday at Lustre Pearl South and 10:30PM next Sunday at Long Play East. Under Nick’s direction, Buenos Diaz blew us away last August with their LP Cocaine Queen, but when you spin this hard-rocker you can tell right away that it’s best enjoyed live. So catch Nick in any capacity this week if you can, because playing at the biggest international music festival right in your own backyard? That’s “The Name of The Game”.

Who wants to meet up tonight?

Buenos Diaz: “Cocaine Queen”

For anyone, it’s good to reflect on your goals and see which dominoes can teeter now towards great results ten years from now. And for someone as accomplished as Austin’s Nick Diaz, we’d be surprised if Buenos Diaz was far from what he first envisioned in Brooklyn back in 2010. Nick’s semi-eponymous lo-fi alt-pop project is a catchy testament to his chops as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and with BD’s upcoming full-length Cocaine Queen, Diaz performs on guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals, and percussion. Cocaine Queen was mixed by Houston engineer Dan Workman (whose repertoire ranges from Beyoncé to ZZ Top) and mastered by Grammy nominee Kevin Blackler, a perfect match for the level of talent displayed by Diaz across these ten new offerings. You can get acquainted with Buenos Diaz’s new mistress of addiction on August 5th, with two more singles due out over the next few months. Cocaine Queen’s title track dropped today, so bend the knee before your highness of inhibitions and rejoice in this glitzy, glam-rock-meets-disco-funk dance groove.