Buddy Bolden

Jazz and The Art of Mental Health (Part 1)

Listen back as we discuss the making of jazz, around a frank conversation about mental illness, addiction, and the advantages of thinking beyond our present circumstances. Through the artistry of Buddy Bolden, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and others, we explore the intersection of mental balance, suffering, wellness, and virtuosity.

How does our outlook on life either enhance or hamper our ways of being? How does creativity help us cope with our struggles? How can the power of music help us keep our torment at bay?

Rabbi and Jazz Historian Neil Blumofe in conversation with Rebecca McInroy. Featuring: Michael Malone, saxophone; Adrian Ruiz, trumpet; Andre Hayward, trombone; Red Young, piano; John Fremgen, bass; Brannen Temple, drums.