Musician pay for live shows in Austin hasn’t changed in 40 years. Here are some other ways they’ve found to make money with music.

Austin musicians are making the same amount of money per gig as they did in 1979. In the latest episode, we look at gig pay through the years and talk to musicians Greg Clifford and Beto Martinez about how they’ve found ways to make money from music that don’t involve playing live.

Drummer Greg Clifford is pictured in his home where he produces lo-fi music on Feb. 8, 2022, in Austin. Michael Minasi/KUTX
Musician and producer Beto Martinez is pictured in his home studio on Feb. 9, 2022, in Austin. Michael Minasi/KUTX


Texas Standard: June 12, 2018

For those seeking asylum in the US, a change in the rules. A change some think may effectively close the door for thousands. The story today on the Texas Standard.

At the Texas capitol a senate panel takes up the issue of public school security in the wake of the Santa Fe shooting. We’ll hear what they’re proposing.

Also, Southern Baptists face a “me too” moment, as they meet in Dallas.

Sanctuary cities. Slapped down in the last legislative session. But how will state lawmakers react when they hear about the rise of freedom cities? We’ll hear what those are.

Fear of a brown planet? A fresh reimagining of Public Enemy’s rap classic, albeit with a distinctly Texas twist.

This Song: Brownout

Greg Gonzalez, bass player for Austin’s premiere Latin funk outfit Brownout describes how Anthrax’s version of “Bring the Noise” introduced him to Public Enemy, which in turn introduced him to the music of James Brown and ignited a lifelong love affair with funk music.

Brownout just released an album of Public Enemy interpretations called “Fear of a Brown Planet.”

📸 Julia Reihs/KUTX

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