Full Boyfriend Interview (Unedited)

We had a number of great interviews from our latest Hotel Magdalena season that we wanted to release the full interviews to check out!

We’re revisiting Boyfriend’s interview from earlier this year where she discusses her songwriting process, her father’s songwriting prowess, and a little incident with cupcakes at Cheer Up Charlie’s.

Check out Boyfriend’s full interview with Walker wherever you get your podcasts.

Boyfriend – Superman

This week marks the start of our new mini-season featuring stories collected in our permanent confessional booth at Hotel Magdalena! And let me tell ya…the walls have spoken!

Our confessor shares how she got caught with 2 boyfriends at her own surprise birthday party.

The New Orleans-based self-proclaimed rap-cabaret performance artist, appropriately named Boyfriend, shows us why she’s the authority on all things Boyfriend related.

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