TEMPOREX: “New Lane”

Though he’s only in his early twenties, San Diego producer Joseph Flores is wise beyond his years. Under the moniker TEMPOREX, Flores has explored synth-y R&B soundscapes reminiscent of Prince and D’Angelo while approaching lyricism in a pop manner closer to what you’d expect from Paul McCartney. TEMPOREX first teased out a jazz-meets-electronic, Mac DeMarco-inspired sound on 2017’s Care but in the years that’ve since passed, Flores has worked up his A-game and hit a retro-future synth-soaked stride with his sophomore LP, Bowling.

Devoid of any gutter balls, Bowling aligns a whole alley’s worth of styles into a ten-pin package; it’ll make you dance, dig deep into emotions, and have you forgetting your troubles by the end of its final round. Bowling drops tomorrow but today you can check out your shoes early with the record’s latest single, the liquidly hip and stylishly self-aware “New Lane”!

12th & Chicon: The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

The murder of 16-year-old Tamika Ross in East Austin in 1992 started a journey for social justice that would take seven long years to complete. The history of the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex may not be well known, but its impact is felt and appreciated throughout the community.