A Little Test Of Texas’ Official Symbols

Likely you haven’t had a test of Texas’ official symbols since about 5th grade. You probably still know the major ones – but do you remember the state small mammal?

Texas Standard: December 25, 2020

How many times must it be said that 2020 was not the happiest of years? Today we have some reasons to smile on this special edition of the Texas standard. Do you want the good news first or the bad? For once, we’re spending an entire hour on the former, as we use this moment to turn our attention to the sunnier side: the stories that captured our attention, sparked the imagination, and reminded us of the good that remains all around us. In a year of struggle and heartache, there are still reasons to celebrate. Our producers have made their lists, checked em out twice….and it’s all about the nice on this special Christmas Day edition of the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 23, 2020

According to an African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. But what if the village is under lockdown? We’ll take a look at the challenge facing new Texas parents during COVID-19. Also, academics have long talked about the digital divide, but in a pandemic it’s having practical implications for millions of Texas students. And you’ve got questions about COVID-19, Dr. Fred Campbell of UT health San Antonio joins us again with some answers. Also, getting back to the office, or not. Our go to tech guy Omar Gallaga on how the workplace may never be the same again. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Distracting Springtime Roads

In Texas, it’s that time of year when everything is blooming and it’s pretty hard to drive right by without stopping. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.