Big Sean

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy

This week on The Breaks:

  • Confucius and Fresh send their condolences to the family of local artist Chameleon Brenden Foster after his passing.
  • They also talk about how, although legacies are important, new artists don’t have to be aware of everyone who came before them in order to thrive in the Austin Music Scene.
  • They discuss why the allegations brought against Cardi B’s friend Star Brim might work against Cardi herself.
  • Confucius and Fresh reflect on Big Sean’s discussion with Joe Budden about stepping back from the spotlight for his mental health.
  • In his “Unpopular Opinion,” Fresh talks about letting humility take a backseat to self-promotion once in a while.
  • Confucius defends his social media presence in his “Confucius Says.”
  • This week’s local song of the week is INFRAR3D’s “Bag Baby.”

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