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KUT Afternoon Newscast for February 9, 2024

Central Texas top stories for February 9, 2024. Leaked Zoom call raises eyebrows with mention of Austin City Manager salary. Austin ISD speech therapists call for higher pay. On and off rain this weekend. Hays Co moves toward creating behavioral health program. ACC offering tax prep help. Austin Chronicle moves house, sells stuff.

Texas Standard: August 7, 2018

The state Senate has some suggestions to combat school violence. We’ll take a look at what they mean for students settling into the new school year. Also, separated from her three-year-old without any explanation. A Mexican woman who legally sought asylum in California four months ago is telling her story desperate to be reunited with her daughter. And one of the largest home developers in Dallas continues to operate in the red. But a new CEO for Dallas Habitat for Humanity has a plan to turn things around. Plus, a new book tells the story of the Texas doctor who created the artificial heart. And Austin is looking to score a major league soccer team. What it means for San Antonio’s chances to do the same. Those stories and so much more on today’s Texas Standard: