New movie reminds us we’ve all been living in a Barbie world

Emotional scenes unfolded in what’s believed to be the first open court testimony by women challenging Texas’ abortion ban.

Reporters statewide offer an update on how Texans are coping with this record heat.

Details on a massive release of greenhouse gases in West Texas brought on by the heat.

How does the new movie ‘Oppenheimer’ stack up against history?

And as the ‘Barbie’ movie premieres, a look back at how the world’s most famous doll has been a source of both inspiration and debate for over 60 years.

Texas Standard: October 2, 2017

Trying to make sense of a massacre, as medical crews and police work the worst mass shooting in history, offers of support from Texas, we’ll have the latest. Also, the hired hands helping to rebuild Houston: why some say those workers most at risk, are also the most vulnerable. And with a new movie named for the city set for release and the sunset of a major HGTV show, Waco wonders about its future, we’ll stop in. And who was born in 1959 and is celebrating her 15th at long last? We’ll look at whether quinceañera Barbie has what it takes to break out in a demanding marketplace. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard: