Austin Comedy

Crew Love

Confucius and Fresh interview Austin comedian Jordan McDonald about his comedy, the scene in Austin, and his upcoming show “The Wonderful Unixorn Experience” at Rozco’s Comedy Club on June 23rd. Then, inspired by BET’s competition,  they debate which hip-hop crew is the greatest of all time.

You’ll learn Hip-Hop Facts about Steve-o’s run-in with Raekwon, which apparel brand was the first to be blurred out on Yo MTV Raps, the run-in between Samuel L. Jackson’s wife and Tupac on the set of Juice, and more.

Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that the 90’s sitcom Family Matters didn’t age well.

Confucius talks about the revelations around Trump’s handling of classified documents, the vandalism at the former Montopolis Negro School, and the Supreme Court’s decision on gerrymandering in Alabama in Confucius Reads the News.