All My Love Is Coming Back To Me

S.G. Goodman: “All My Love Is Coming Back To Me”

With the creeping commercialization of folk, you’ll find a lot of lyricists embellishing an idyllic upbringing or a Snow White-level connection to nature like they’re modern day Thoreaus rewriting Walden. But then you’ve got poets like Shaina Goodman, who was treated to a true bucolic lifestyle by her father, a farmer in Delta, Kentucky. Goodman translated those recondite naturalistic experiences to music with her Southern rock duo The Savage Radley, who released their sole album Kudzu in 2017 before calling it quits. Shaina’s songwriting is still going strong though, thanks to her eponymous garage-folk/post-punk outfit S.G. Goodman. In 2020 the singer-guitarist officially rebranded herself as S.G. Goodman with ten Jim James-produced masterpieces on her debut full-length Old Time Feeling. This Friday she shares her sophomore LP Teeth Marks, then sets off on a six-month long international tour, which includes an opening slot ahead of Jason Isbell next Tuesday. With a voice that’ll never stop giving us goosebumps and arrangements that seamlessly cross genres, S.G. Goodman’s work on Teeth Marks (including its latest lead single “All My Love Is Coming Back To Me”) is guaranteed to leave a lasting imprint.