3-2-Wake Up

Darkbird: “3-2-Wake Up”

Los Angeles and New York City are both considered major hubs for musicians to “make it”, and plenty of Austinites have made that move and never looked back. But for Kelly Barnes (who left L.A. after a dissolved marriage) and Brian Cole (who relocated from NYC after a house fire), the Live Music Capital of the World became a nest for their duo Darkbird. Cole and Barnes clicked creatively after finding one another through Craigslist, and together they’ve shared a series of singles since 2015. 2022’s set to be a big year for Darkbird, who just announced their upcoming EP Ballad of a Junebug, out April 1st, along with a release show that same evening at 3Ten. You can expect Darkbird to spread their indie-pop-rock wings more than ever before on Ballad of a Junebug, as made clear with the record’s lead single, inspired by a hypnotherapy session undertaken by Barnes, “3-2-Wake Up”!